Translational Research

Through the research and development of pharmaceutical products for unmet medical needs (*1), our Translational Research (TR, *2) business aims to accelerate the development of promising compounds and provide new drugs and therapeutics to patients as fast as possible.


In our TR business, in addition to licensing products and technologies developed in‐house, such as our original nasal delivery system, we have participated in the discovery of future drugs through collaborations and joint researches with research institutes, including those of academia. Furthermore, we carry out business development activities based on the pharmaceutical R&D know‐how we have accumulated.


In addition to out‐licensing the new nasal formulation and nasal platform technology in an advanced development stage to pharmaceutical companies, we also have a system for promptly and thoroughly responding to requests from partners, fully utilizing the expertise of the SNBL Group with our facilities, equipment, and experience with pharmaceutical R&D. 


 * 1 medical needs in therapeutic areas where an effective treatment is not yet established, R&D of such a treatment has not progressed well, and a treatment is strongly desired

* 2 the interdisciplinary research field that bridges basic and clinical research