Clinical Pathology

SNBL Japan can test for all parameters listed in the following guidelines for repeated dose toxicity studies.  


The Amendment to the Guidelines for Repeated Dose Toxicity Studies (Notification No. 655 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Japan, April 5, 1999)


We can also perform analyses of the parameters listed below.

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Protein, β2-microglobulin, Albumin, cystatin C, KIM-1, clusterin

These new biomarkers as identified by the FDA or EMEA can be analyzed in accordance with GLP regulations.


Coagulation and Fibrinolysis

Platelet aggregation, fibrinogen, fibrin degradation products, D-dimer, TAT, PAI-1, PIC, and bleeding time


Other Blood Components

Whole blood methemoglobin concentration, whole blood calcium ion, hemoglobin A1c, blood gas, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate


Blood Biochemistry

We offer fractional analyses including; lipid fractions, lipoprotein fractions, LDH isoenzyme, ALP isoenzyme, and CPK isoenzyme

Cardiovascular biomarkers

Troponin T, Troponin I, H-FABP, ANP, NTproBNP, and adiponectin


Bone Metabolism Markers

CTX, NTX, TRACP 5b, and P1NP


Bone Marrow

Bone marrow cell count and fractionation analysis


Other Special Examinations

Measurement of liver lipid and glycogen

Hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme activity (sample preparation and analysis are performed at our Pharmacokinetics and Bioanalysis Center in Wakayama Prefecture )