Society of Toxicology's 52nd Annual Meeting

  • Investigation of methods for anesthesitization and euthanization of rat and rabbit fetuses in developmental toxicity studies
  • Utility of intranasal fentanyl powder formulation: pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics relationship in rhesus monkeys

The 4th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society

  • Evaluation of cardiac contractility in conscious cynomolgus monkeys using telemetry
  • Measurement of electrocardiogram using solid tip lead in telemetry instrumented monkeys
  • Measurement of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-operated potassium current using guinea pig atrial cardiomyocytes to assess drug efficacy for atrial fibrillation

The 38th Meeting of the Japanese Association for Experimental Animal Technologists: Kyushu Branch

  • Animal welfare and environmental enrichment in primate housing management

The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

  • Testicle size measurement for sexually mature cynomolgus monkey selection

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Teratology Society

  • Auditory startle response test in rats - verification of a method and comparison by age (in weeks)
  • Postnatal change in bilateral asymmetry of major brain groove length in cynomolgus monkey cerebrum
  • Historical control data on prenatal developmental toxicity studies in rats. 3. Data of Crl:CD(SD) [former Crj:CD(SD)IGS] rats during 2001-2010

The 20th Anniversary Meeting of the Japanese Association of Histotechnology

  • Morphological observations of cynomolgus monkey nasopharyngeal lymphoid tissue
  • Comparison of Bodian's Ishikawa transformation staining method and the Holme’s staining method (study of neural staining method used for monkey brains)

The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Comparative and Veterinary Ophthalmology

  • Comparison of OCT fundus tomogram of the retina and histopathological images, and age associated changes in cynomolgus monkeys

The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Experimental Animals and Engineers Association Kyushu Branch Research Presentation, and the 31st Kyushu Experimental Animal Association General Meeting

  • Usefulness of telemetry-instrumented common marmosets in safety pharmacology studies
  • Investigation of UV irradiation conditions for phototoxicity using hairless mice
  • Efforts toward treatment and prevention of diseases in beagle dogs
  • Investigation of flooring materials for prevention of recurrence of interdigital inflammation in beagles

The 42nd Gathering of the Japan Environmental Mutagen Society

  • Examination of the test method for in vitro micronucleus tests using CHL cells: detection of aneuploidy mutations

The 17th Annual Meeting of the Japan Vaccine Society

  • Immunocompetence of recombinant measles virus expressing RSV F protein in juvenile cynomolgus monkeys

The 32nd Kansai Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Forum

  • Investigation of oleaginous vehicle in rabbits; in case of olive oil