The 26th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology

  • Binocular cataract found in a cynomolgus monkey
  • Immunohistochemical changes related to age and gender difference in thymus and spleen in Crl:CD (SD) rats
  • Morphological study of lymphoid organs in cynomolgus monkeys: quantitative analysis for immunotoxicity evaluation
  • A case of keratoconus in a cynomolgus monkeys
  • Histopathological changes in cerebrums of middle-aged monkeys

The 1st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society

  • Utility of integrated assessment system by evaluating ion channel currents and action potential duration in guinea pig cardiac muscle for prediction of drug-induced arrhythmia
  • Incorporation of safety pharmacological endpoint into toxicity study: investigation of non-surgical invasive method for the evaluation of cardiovascular system

The 2nd Wistar Han Rats Forum

  • Background data of Wistar Han rats at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (general toxicity study, reproductive developmental toxicity study)

Society of Toxicology's 49th Annual Meeting

  • Effect of maternal exposure to thiamazole on behavioral development, and learning and memory in infant cynomolgus monkey
  • In utero and lactational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) induces disruption of the prostate glands and fibrosis in rhesus monkeys
  • A study of phototoxicity following intravenous administration to BALB/c mice

26th Society of Quality Assurance Annual Meeting

  • Requirements for personnel in a GLP facility

The 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

  • Monkey MHC and disease model
  • Analysis of microRNA expression in cynomolgus monkey liver due to administration of acetaminophen
  • On the maturity of testicles in cynomolgus monkeys
  • Investigation of phototoxicity study by intravenous administration using BALB/c mice
  • Local lymph node test (LLNA) using CBA mice: a comparison of RI method and BrdU method
  • An attempt to efficiently preparing animals using preimplantation genetic diagnosis in cynomolgus monkeys

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Teratology Society

  • Sexual difference in gross anatomical cerebral laterality in adult cynomolgus monkeys
  • Postnatal development of primary sulcal length in cynomolgus monkeys
  • Investigation for methods of anesthesia and euthanasia for rat fetuses in developmental toxicity studies
  • Investigation of methods of anesthetization and euthanasia for rabbit fetuses in developmental toxicity studies
  • Comparison of reproductive and developmental parameters between Wistar Hannover rats and SD rats
  • Comparison of teratogenic potency of hyperthermia between Wistar Hannover and SD rats

The 30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Comparative and Veterinary Ophthalmology

  • Comparison of applanation tonometer and rebound tonometer used in cynomolgus monkeys
  • A case of keratoconus in a male cynomolgus monkey

The 150th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science

  • Synchronization of cynomolgus monkey ovulation by feeding of a levonorgestrel-added diet

The 10th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society

  • Effects of pentamidine on QT interval and ether-a-go-go related gene expression in cynomolgus monkeys

The 26th Kansai Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Forum

  • Anesthesia and euthanasia of rat and rabbit fetuses in embryo/fetal toxicity studies

The 30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Experimental Animals and Engineers Association Kyushu Branch Research Presentation, and the 28th Kyushu Experimental Animal Association General Meeting

  • Utilization of a system in preparation of administration formulations for experiments
  • Use of collation systems in animal experiments
  • Effects of storage condition of cynomolgus monkey and beagle serum on measurement values of lipoprotein fraction
  • Effects of contaminants in urine collection on urinalysis parameters
  • Improvement of holding tool used for bone density measurement (DXA method) of cynomolgus monkeys
  • Evaluation of phototoxicity by intravenous administration using BALB/c mice and HWY/Slc rats
  • Holter electrocardiogram monitor for cynomolgus monkeys: Comparison between JET system and implantable telemetry system