The 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology: Academic Conference

  • Müllerian tumor seen in the uterine tube of cynomolgus monkey

The 81st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society

  • Mechanism of sex differences in cardiac electrophysiological properties in cynomolgus monkey cardiac muscles

Society of Toxicology's 47th Annual Meeting

  • Evaluation of sex differences in electrophysiological properties using cynomolgus monkey cardiac muscles
  • Effects of in utero and lactational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on reproductive function in male rhesus monkeys
  • T-cell dependent antibody response in cynomolgus monkeys for immunotoxicity evaluation

The 145th Symposium of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Pathology

  • Pathology of monkey species: background lesion of the liver/gastrointestinal tract

The 2008 Japanese Conference for Laboratory Animal Science and Technology

  • Establishment of an asthma model using guinea pigs

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

  • Clinical significance of troponin, a biomarker of myocardial injury, in cynomolgus monkeys
  • Comparison of fetal and neonatal lymphocyte development in cynomolgus monkeys

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Teratology Society

  • Reproductive function in male rhesus monkeys exposed to dioxin during the gestation and lactation periods

The 15th Workshop of the Japanese Association of Histotechnology

  • Study of preparation of histopathological specimen in lumbar intervertebral disc of dogs
  • Quality investigation regarding long-term slide preservation (HE staining)

The 17th International Workshop on Monkey Diseases

  • Utility and practicality of reproductive developmental toxicity tests using cynomolgus monkeys
  • The cynomolgus monkey arthritis model: its characteristics with a focus on histopathological examinations of skeletal muscle

The 8th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society

  • Utility of an in vitro study of cynomolgus monkey papillary muscle for the prediction of drug-induced torsade de pointes

The 15th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Immunotoxicity

  • Investigation of phototoxicity evaluation of oral administration in BALB/c mice
  • Validation test of LLNA (Local Lymph Node Assay) by BrdU method using CBA mice

The 20th JSTP Slide Conference

  • Spontaneous lesions in monkeys (kidney)

The 28th Meeting of the Japanese Association for Experimental Animal Technologists: Kyushu Branch

  • Acquisition of export license in export of cynomolgus monkey-derived samples

The 100th Anniversary Meeting of the Kansai Experimental Animal Research Group

  • Establishment of an asthma model by direct exposure into the respiratory tract

The 37th Convention of the Japan Environmental Mutagen Society

  • Establishment of a simple in vitro comet assay method and its validation