The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Toxicologic Pathology

  • A case report of intrathoracic lymphoma in a cynomolgus monkey
  • Distribution of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) positive cells in cynomolgus monkey substantia nigra

The 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society

  • Evaluation of sex differences in electrophysiological properties using cynomolgus monkey cardiac muscles

Society of Toxicology's 46th Annual Meeting

  • Validation of immune function testing during a 4-week oral toxicity study with cyclosporin
  • Sex difference in electrophysiological properties of cynomolgus monkey papillary muscles
  • Delayed-type hypersensitivity response in rats challenged with tetanus toxoid (TTx) for immunotoxicity evaluation

The 14th General Assembly of The Japanese Association of Histotechnology: Academic Conference

  • Study of macroscopic confirmation method for conjunctival lymphoid tissue

The 34th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

  • T-cell dependent antibody response in cynomolgus monkeys for immunotoxicity evaluation
  • Immunotoxicity evaluation of cyclosporine in a 4-week repeated dose toxicity study in rats
  • Biliary sampling over time in cynomolgus monkeys under anesthesia
  • Investigation of biomarkers in cynomolgus monkey-induced myocardial injury
  • Drug evaluation on the respiratory system in conscious rats using whole body plethysmograph method
  • Development of cerebral disorder model 1 -normal development of cerebral sulci and gyri in cynomolgus monkeys

The 25th Japan Society of Bone Metabolism

  • Therapeutic effect of prednisolone, methotrexate, and etanercept on collagen-induced arthritis in cynomolgus monkeys

The 14th Annual Academic Conference of the Japanese Society of Immunotoxicity

  • Study of phototoxicity evaluation by oral administration using BALB/c mice

The 7th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society

  • Evaluation of respiratory function in conscious rats using whole body plethysmography

Society of Quality Assurance 2007

  • Maintenance requirements for equipment in a GLP facility

Academic Conference of the Japan Veterinary Society

  • A case study of adenosquamous carcinoma derived from mammary epithelium found in a female cynomolgus monkey

The 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Virology

  • Is a cofactor other than CD 155 necessary for poliovirus to accumulate in the germinal center of Peyer's patches?

The 28th Meeting of the Japanese Association for Experimental Animal Technologists: Kyushu Branch

  • Investigation of bile sampling method in dogs
  • Pathological study of the auditory system in the circling rat

The 5th Annual Meeting of the Japan Preventive Medical Society

  • Study of sex differences in cardiac electrophysiological properties using cynomolgus monkey cardiac muscle
  • Classification of drug response mechanism using dose-dependent fluctuating gene expression profiles
  • Detection and analysis of novel CYP2C gene in rhesus monkeys

The 16th International Workshop on Monkey Diseases

  • Characteristics of hematological and blood biochemical examination in a cynomolgus monkey osteoporosis model

The 24th Embryo/Fetal developmental Study Seminar

  • Outline of Embryo-Fetal developmental toxicity study in cynomolgus monkeys

The 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society / 1st Asian Conference on Environmental Mutagens (1st ACEM)

  • Establishment of a robust in vitro Comet Protocol using human lymphoblast TK6 cells