To Our Investors

Starting with its inception in Kagoshima City in 1957 as the first domestic contract research institution for pharmaceutical development, Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories has established a solid business foundation with preclinical contract research as its core focus. From there we progressively built up a value chain that enables us to comprehensively encompass much of the new drug development process (from drug discovery to clinical phases). Specifically, in 1993 we moved into clinical studies for phase I, in 1997 we steadily expanded business operations to include pharmacokinetics/bioanalysis and clinical studies for phases II and III, and in 2000 we added our site management organization (SMO) business.


In recent years, we have established cooperative relationships with researchers at universities and bioventure companies that have excellent technology and outstanding ideas—partners that share our corporate philosophy. And from the technical and management points of view, we are also proactively working on our own business model: translational research, a model that supports clinical applications and commercialization of technology. In addition to developing our business domestically, we are globalizing as rapidly as possible, and have already established overseas subsidiaries in the United States, China, Cambodia, and India to better provide our comprehensive services to the whole world.


Our business strategy is to extend the value chain of our drug discovery support business internationally while continuing to meet the expectations of customers and provide value as a unique and unmatched business.


Our corporate philosophy is represented in the three colors of our logo: blue, green, and navy. Blue symbolizes the environment, denoting our commitment to preserve the blue sky, the blue sea, and our amazingly beautiful earth forever. Green symbolizes life, denoting our awe and respect for each invaluable, irreplaceable life. Navy blue symbolizes people, denoting the need to value our human resources, who are the core assets of society. In addition, the company flower, the freesia, carries the meaning of "beginner," reminding us that no matter how far our technology and organization develop, we ought to always approach things with the heart of a learner.


In this way, we, the members of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, strive every day to live out our corporate philosophy: "We are committed to freeing patients from suffering, by supporting drug development and improving medical technology.” Since we are willing to do our utmost to realize our goal, we sincerely hope for your continued guidance and support.


Ryoichi Nagata, MD, PhD, FFPM


Representative Chairman, President and CEO