The History and Development of SNBL

Plum Blossoms at SNBL shrine


The clinical part of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories Co., Ltd becomes a demerged corporation and PPD SNBL KK is the succeeding company. A system is established for the implementation of global clinical trials in Japan.



WaVe Life Sciences Pte. Ltd., a nucleic acid pharmaceutical venture affiliated company, is established.


Medipolis Energy Co., Ltd. is established in Ibusuki City in Kagoshima prefecture, and the geothermal power generation project is initiated.



Safety Research Laboratory: Acquires AAALAC International certification



ONTORII, Inc. is established in Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Is listed on the market on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


A primate breeding center is established in Medipolis Ibusuki (Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories India Private Limited is established in India, and begins to outsource business, manage data and knowledge, and create business in the Indian market within the group.

A joint venture with Harvard University begins.

Ruika Therapeutics, Inc. is established.



New stock is issued through a third party.

SNBL USA Scientific Resources Center is established in the state of Texas, and primate breeding begins in the United States.



Corporate shares split at a 1:2 ratio

The SNBL CPC, Inc. Phase I facility is established at Maryland State University in Baltimore, USA

New shares of stock are issued publicly.



SNBL is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.



Zhaoyang Drug Discovery and Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (SNBL CHINA, Ltd.) is established in Guangdong Province, China, work begins with breeding, housing and quarantine of laboratory animals, and New Medical Science Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is established in Hong Kong as its headquarters.



UMI (University Medicines International), LLC, is established as a joint venture with Maryland State University in the USA with the capability to accept international clinical trials.



SNBL USA, Ltd. is moved to Washington State, and a preclinical safety laboratory is established.



A pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis center is established in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, and this facility begins to accept commissions for analysis and pharmacokinetic testing. 



The Clinical Development Laboratory is newly established and preparations for clinical trial phases II and III begins.



Computerized support service for new drug approval is commissioned.



A partnership is formed with the medical institution, “CPC Clinic”, and the company begins to accept commissions for clinical testing.



A spin-off occurs and the US branch office becomes, “SNBL USA, Ltd.”

A spin-off occurs and the UK branch office becomes, “SNBL Europe, Ltd.”



The UK branch office is established in the suburbs of London as a base for sales in Europe.



The Osaka branch office opens in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City as base for sales in the Kansai area.



The US branch office is established in Maryland as the base for US sales.



The company begins to conduct GLP preclinical safety studies, and an extension is added to the research building.



The non-rodent research building is expanded, a new rodent testing facility is built, and an online computer system is introduced in preparation for the enforcement of the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) regulations for preclinical safety studies for pharmaceuticals.



A preclinical safety laboratory is established in Yoshida-cho, Kagoshima-gun, and the company headquarters is simultaneously relocated to that facility.



The Tokyo Institute (pathology center) is established in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.



The company name is changed to “Shin Nihon Kagaku Co., Ltd.”.



The company first begins to accept commissions for toxicity safety studies (preclinical) as the first contract research institution in Japan.



The Southern Japan Dog Center (including animal hospital) is established in Kagoshima City.