Corporate and Management Philosophy

from BayTerrace Hotel&Spa
Lake Ikeda and Mt. Kaimon

Corporate philosophy

We are a company that values the environment, life, and people.



SNBL is committed to freeing patients from suffering, by supporting drug development and improving medical technology.


Employee Principles

We act as exemplary moral members of our society: upholding the spirit of the constitution, observing the law, respecting social standards, and acting as intelligent individuals.


Five Employee Principles

One, I promise to speak and act as a conscientious member of society.

Two, I am aware that I represent the credibility of my organization.

Three, I observe corporate and employee principles at all times.

Four, I protect the privacy of all information, personal and corporate.

Five, I have the courage to correct my own errors.


Job Basics

One, I act immediately.

Two, I give my best.

Three, I am truthful.

Four, I think ahead.

Five, I take pride in and responsibility for my work.


SNBL Values

One, we actively participate in the preservation of the environment. (Environmental protection)

Two, we respect life above all else. (Dignity of life)

Three, we support the recovery of human health. (Drug discovery support)

Four, we encourage improvements in human welfare. (Health promotion)

Five, we contribute to advances in medicine. (Medical improvement)

Six, we strive to prevent human disease. (Preventive health)

Seven, we seek the human right to peace. (Human rights protection)

Eight, we adhere to safety standards within the research field. (Compliance)

Nine, we work as a team. (Cooperation)

Ten, we value reliability. (Criteria of evaluation)

Eleven, we grow with our jobs. (Growth-oriented)

Twelve, we contribute to the happiness of humankind. (Meaning)



I believe in myself and the life that was given to me.

I cleanse my actions,

Polish my words,

And heighten my will,

To cultivate a spirit that is strong and flexible, gentle and tough.

I embrace hardships as opportunities to challenge my wisdom,

And when I find peace and happiness, I gladly share it with others.

I admonish excuses and lies in my thoughts and listen carefully to the faint sounds of my inner voice.

I train my spirit diligently, each day and use the power of enlightenment to advance.

I declare to use all of the power given to me to serve my life

And all life.


Management philosophy

"Creating a Work Environment Where the Company and Employees Grow Together"

One, I conduct business with ambition

Two, I work to create an organization that contributes to society.

Three, I conduct business that returns profits to shareholders and society.

Four, I overcome the fear of risks in starting a new business, and I persevere until I succeed.

Five, I give employees a common goal by clearly communicating management objectives.

Six, I create a fluid and dynamic organization with a distinct chain of command.

Seven, I create an open working environment where information is shared and readily available.

Eight, I develop leaders with excellent business sense and skills.

Nine, I successfully execute my business responsibilities despite all hardships.

Ten, I achieve personal growth by concentrating on facts.

Eleven, I understand and relate to my clients at all times.

Twelve, I strive for a business that contributes to health, safety, and medicine for humanity.


SNBL song

Lyrics by Ekan Ikeguchi

Music by Shikyo Arima

Fiery mountain shines in the morning sun. Waves glimmer in Kinko Bay.

   Here are the people of peace and harmony. This is the place where people unite with kindness.

   Our Shin Nihon, Shin Nihon Kagaku.

Pleasant wind in the green garden, Praise the Buddha in Shin No Miya.

   Here is a path, and here are the prayers. This is the place where people achieve along the path.

   Our Shin Nihon, Shin Nihon Kagaku.

From the morning until dusk, we train and persevere. Fully utilizing the power of our lives.

   Here is the challenge, and here is the encouragement. Reaching for tomorrow, this is the place where people grow.

   Our Shin Nihon, Shin Nihon Kagaku.