Five Characteristics of SNBL Japan


Five characteristics of SNBL 


1. SNBL is the largest Japanese pre-clinical CRO 

As a pioneer contract research organizations performing safety studies in Japan, we have accumulated decades worth of experience and know-how, and we have grown to be the largest pre-clinical laboratory in Japan. (Teikoku Databank survey). 


2. SNBL is a one-of-a-kind group of companies that can be entrusted with all stages of drug development studies 

We can support your drug development process from the earliest stages of pre-clinical testing to the clinical process and beyond to Phase IV studies for commercial use.


3. SNBL is a global group of companies 

With branches in the USA, Europe, and other parts of Asia, SNBL’s strength lies in its international cooperation for the drug development process, ensuring that we can meet the expectations of regulatory authorities all over the world. 


4. SNBL challenges the boundaries of drug discovery 

SNBL’s innovations in the field of drug discovery and improvement of medical technology have led to a new translational research venture, using the overall know-how of the SNBL group. 


5. SNBL is a specialist group familiar with clinical treatments 

The head of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories group is a physician, and other qualified medical staff such as veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, and clinical laboratory technicians, play important roles in SNBL group. We have solid knowledge, highly technical skills, and abundant experience, and that makes us reliable.