Company Profile

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL Japan), was founded in Kagoshima as Japan’s first contract research organization in 1957.


Since then, SNBL has steadily expanded and innovated to become a global business that works in the pre-clinical research, clinical pharmacology research, pharmacokinetics and analysis, clinical trial, site management organization (SMO), and other industries.

In recent years, we have built strong partnerships based on our corporate philosophy, including with our translational research business partner.


SNBL is striving toward globalization and expanded from Japan into North America, Europe, and other parts of Asia.


"At SNBL Group we are all committed to freeing patients from suffering, by supporting drug development and improving medical technology."


SNBL Group leverages its considerable experience and continues to provide service that is highly regarded for its responsiveness and high quality. We aim to surpass the expectations of all stakeholders.


Company name

Shin Nihon Kagaku, Ltd.

English Company name

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. (SNBL)


September 16, 1957


Representative Chairman, President & CEO Ryoichi Nagata


9billion 679million 70thousand 400 yen (as of June 30, 2016)


Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

922 employees

(Including 667 full-time employees)

SNBL Group

1,693 employees

(Including 1,379 full-time employees)

as of September 2017

Type of Business

Preclinical: Contracted pre-clinical and analysis studies
Clinical: Contracted clinical trials, SMO, CRO
Translational research
Cancer Treatment

Main Financers

Kagoshima Bank, Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shoko Chukin Bank

Business Names

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories SMO, Ltd.
SNBL Nature Co., Ltd.
Clinical Study Support, Ltd.
AXIS, Inc.
SNBL Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Bhutan Fortune Ltd.
Medipolis Energy Ltd.
Fureai Sasaeai Co., Ltd.
Medipolis K. K.

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories Facilities, Ltd.
SNBL U.S.A., Ltd.
University Medicines International, LLC.
Ruika Therapeutics, Inc.
Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (Asia) Limited
Biomedical Research (GZ) Ltd.
Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (Cambodia) Limited
Angkor Primates Center Inc.
Tian Hu (Cambodia) Animal Breeding Research Center Ltd.
Freesia HD, Inc.
(as of August 1, 2017