Animal Welfare

3Rs at SNBL Japan


At SNBL we are committed to the 3Rs. We are especially proficient in refinement.



In order for animals to engage in species-specific behavior, we provide a variety of treats, manipulanda, and housing options to meet their needs. 

We offer regular fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and occasional frozen treats which are healthy and fun.



Social housing is in accordance with ILAR or ETS 123 size requirements, according to scientific justification.

AAALAC International Accreditation


SNBL Drug Safety Laboratories has been an AAALAC International accredited laboratory since 2011. SNBL meets or exceeds the standards set forth in the ILAR Guide.

Animal Appreciation Ceremony


Periodically throughout the year, ceremonies to honor laboratory animals are held at our site for employees to attend. There is a shrine dedicated to laboratory animals on our facility grounds in Kagoshima.